At Mt Laurel you can appreciate the evening’s quiet calm in a way few towns can match.

Ours is a relaxed pace, inspired by another era when neighbors knew neighbors, and going to school, the market, or even doctor was as simple as a walk.

There was a time when the word “community” had a deeper meaning. It implied a sense of togetherness, a pride that bonded people to a place. For those who believe a community can be more than pavement and brick, Mt Laurel is your kindred spirit.

Mt Laurel was planned by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, the originators of the New Urbanism movement and best known for their Alys Beach and Seaside, Florida, developments. The same sense of identity that made these towns world-renowned can be found at Mt Laurel.

While most communities lack quick access to life’s necessities, Mt Laurel compels you to stay. By making it convenient to leave the car at home, our residents experience all of our amenities in a less complicated fashion. Nestled behind Double Oak Mountain on the edge of Birmingham, Alabama, Mt Laurel is a master-planned community that emphasizes a traditional neighborhood approach to living.

Words cannot properly convey the Town of Mt Laurel. We invite to you to experience our community by walking our broad sidewalks, dining in our local restaurants, or by taking in the view from one of our many green spaces.