The homes at Mt Laurel are built with quality and character.

Walk through one and you’ll appreciate how it’s much more than a place to stay, it’s an experience that truly takes hold of you. From broad concept to smallest detail, they reflect the finest of American homebuilding traditions while placing equal emphasis on modern touches to accommodate the needs of a modern family. Here, timeless architecture seamlessly dovetails with open floor plans, walk-in pantries, spacious kitchens, and abundant storage.

Few things generate an emotional response quite like a well-considered home. It captivates at first glance and continues to gratify owners with each passing year. By using the best materials, sustainable solutions, and the latest energy-saving technologies, we can offer a home with timeless appeal. Our commitment to leaving the existing trees adds to the traditional feel of our homes and explains why our screened-in porches are so popular. With a range of floor plans available and the option to custom build, your home will be as unique as the community itself.

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