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Welcome to Mt Laurel

The wide brick sidewalks of Mt Laurel are well trodden. Measuring 5 feet across, the paths provide plenty of room for couples to stroll side by side with clasped hands. Families here take full advantage of the neighborhood’s walkability and lush outdoor spaces. Once the elementary school lets out, kids bike together to the ice cream shop in the center of town. Shouts of “tag—you’re it!” echo through the park.

If this sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting, a throwback to a simpler time, that’s by design. All of these minute details, which make life so sweet, have been carefully planned by the community of Mt Laurel, just outside Birmingham, Alabama. “There’s life and then there’s living,” said Ray Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mt Laurel. “This is about really living in a great environment.”

The emphasis on a natural, healthy lifestyle is what truly distinguishes Mt Laurel from other planned communities in the area. Parents who want to raise their children around nature appreciate the miles of hiking trails, which meander beneath leafy corridors of tupelo and cherry laurel trees. “When people live in a walkable community, 49% of residents meet the minimum healthy standards as compared to 34% in suburban neighborhoods,” said Jackson. “It’s a healthier place to live.”

That healthy way of life is reflected in the community’s 25-acre organic farm, which provides the freshest fruits and vegetables to Mt Laurel’s residents and restaurants. In addition, homeowners have private access to Spoonwood Lake, where they can relax on sandy beaches, swim, or fish in its stocked waters. “These things come with purchase,” said Jackson. “You buy a home, but you get all of these incredible outdoor spaces.

The surrounding environment is also celebrated inside Mt Laurel’s custom homes. The floor plans, named after indigenous trees, feature expansive, open interiors. These homes are crafted to last as long as the stone mined from nearby mountains. “A touch of stone is put into the homes we build,” noted Jackson, “and the native stone walls give age and character to the neighborhood.”

Verdant ground cover and vines accent Mt Laurel’s classic Craftsman architecture. Mature trees shade the homes’ generous front porches. “Some communities flatten lots before building, but we are wrapped in nature,” said Jackson. “That says something about Mt Laurel. This isn’t just another neighborhood.”

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