Mt Laurel is a visual experience.

The best way to appreciate our uniqueness is to see it for yourself. But if that’s not possible, you can discover some of our allure here. It all begins with our three core values.


From the beginning, fostering a strong sense of community was integral to Mt Laurel’s identity. Taking cues from America’s greatest town building traditions, we’ve re-established the bond between people and their neighborhoods. The close proximity between residential and commercial areas promotes a level of human interaction that’s unusual in today’s hurried world. While in most neighborhoods a sidewalk or street is meant to simply get you from one point to the next, ours lead you through an experience.

Respect for nature

Of all the things that separate Mt Laurel from other neighborhoods, our abundance of trees might be the most obvious. It’s much easier to remove trees than build around them, but when you embrace a respect for nature like Mt Laurel does, removing trees is simply unthinkable. Our community is nestled within nature, not imposed upon it, and that’s by design.

Commitment to the future

Many communities come and go—it’s sad but true. We intend for Mt Laurel to remain a vibrant Birmingham neighborhood decade after decade. With its timeless architecture and evocative sense of style, our community development was created with a commitment to the future. Superior materials and craftsmanship along with the latest technologies ensure the Mt Laurel of tomorrow will be as desirable as the Mt Laurel of today.

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